Soft Erotic Movies
Interface A Cyberspace fantasy on the Love Link Network becomes reality. Ethan Wayne, Jeff Conaway, Kathy Shower, Kelly Burns, Shauna O'Brien
1997/R-77 min/UR-84 min.
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Lethal Seduction Romantic Thriller. Julie Strain, Chris Mitchum, Joe Estevez. Someone is killing Gus' friends and business associates. She'll show you a good time...you'll be the crime.
1997/NR/90 min.
French Bath Amusing story of sex and revenge. Sexual favors in the office results in associate framing the harasser. Very contemporary!
1992/NR/84 min.
Galaxy Girls aka Alien Escape Three vacationing girls, alien creatures escaping death sentence crash vessel, and an alien sent to recover ship. Sexy Sci-Fi romance and fun. Has played HBO and USA Networks. 1996/PG or R/90 min.
Michelle Neglected husband of aspiring actress falls in love with French lady. An exciting love story that will capture your heart.
1992/NR/87 min.
The Last Road Hot rod racer tries to win to keep his girl. Action. Romance. Sex. Julie Strain. 1997
  Love Lesson - Ecstasy of Love Very cute film about the escapades of a photographer at his studio with the people who stop in. It's comedic, humorous and erotic. Equivalent to R. NR 83 min.
  Gamiani The awakening of a young girl at her 18th birthday party. She becomes involved with her best friend and her boyfriend, culminating in a menage a trois. Very erotic. Released theatrically-Japan, HK & key U.S. cities. The Fanny Hill of the Spanish world. 1998/NR/93 min.
  Human Animals Erotic look at the last three people on Earth - two men, one woman and a dog. Theatrical and video release in Japan, Australia and Germany. No dialogue. NR/97 min.
  I Like The Girls That Do To claim uncle's inheritance fortune, the nephew must prove himself by sleeping with all of the uncle's ex-girlfriends to their satisfaction. A young man's dream come true. NR/80 min.
  Le Messe Doree Young people arrive at a chateau dinner party filled with ritual, lovemaking, unusual eroticism, and perversions including the religious dressing of a virgin, then undressing and apparent deflowering. Italian with English subtitles. 1975/NR/90 min.
Emmanuelle's Black Cobra Here in Hong Kong, Emmanuelle has more experiences with a large boa snake. Erotic snake dancer unashamedly makes love to both men and women. Her passions drive a man to murder and for her a resulting horrifying revenge. With Jack Palance and Laura Gemser. Erotic. R 90 min.
Emmanuelle Exposed Emmanuelle is in Spain and having fun sexually, both with men and women. Very erotic. NR 80 min.
Emmanuelle Around The World A classic fantasy that becomes erotic virtual reality. Newspaper reporter's worldwide experiences in India, Thailand, North Africa, New York, San Francisco and Europe. NR 93 min.
Emmanuelle In America Newspaper reporter's erotic experiences in her research. NR 88 min.
Emmanuelle In Bangkok Laura Gemser as newspaper photographer on wild, voluptuous whirl through Thailand and Morocco in a most spectacular odyssey. R 93 min.
Emmanuelle Goes To Cannes Newspaper reporter's experiences in France.
Erotic Time Machine A college student builds a time machine that goes into the future. Spanish tracks available. R 82 min.
Harem Heat The experiences of a prim American girl on assignment in North Africa. She wants to see everything with her hand picked guide. She finds it, a frenzied, fulfilling sexual education in a desert harem. Not without the unexpected. Also in Spanish (Orgasmo Caliente). NR 83 min.
H.O.T.S. Sexy college co-eds plot to gain acceptance as the "hottest" campus sorority by challenging the uptight competition to a game of strip football. Starring Lisa Blount, Susan Kiger, Lindsay Bloom, Danny Bonaduce. Pay Cable favorite in US. Spanish also. Redigitized. DVD also. 1981 - PG or R - 95 min.
Human Animals Erotic look at the last three people on Earth - two men, one woman and a dog. Theatrical and video release in Japan, Australia and Germany. No dialogue. NR 97 min.
Naked City Dark secrets, broken promises. Sex starved housewives take big risks with their burning quest for sexual satisfaction and leading secret lives. Cable version. 1998 - NR - 85 min.
Penitent Flesh Hi-tech thriller. Sex is outlawed and thought is controlled in this future society until Desire, who through her exploits of heated sexual pleasure and deviant affairs, changes a society of hypocrisy. Cable version. 1998-NR-87 min.

Pupils Of Madam Olga London's famous piano teacher books young ladies for lessons of love with wealty clients amidst suspenseful turmoil. UK and Spain co-production. (Spanish tracks also) R-67 min. NR-80 min.

Rendevous Hotel Also in Spanish (Hotel de Los Ligues). R or NR.
Secrets Of The Satin Blue A very good erotic French film. About the tale of a lady's panties and experiences with other panties. It addresses the audience through the view of the panties. R 82 min.
Sex Diary In this hilarious, shocking unexpurgated memoirs, modern Casanova reveals naked truth about the kinky capers of all the wild and wonderful women he'd seduced. R 90 min. NR 101 min.
Shadowed Love A story of diversion, lust and entertainment. It is said each of us has two personalities. "R" equivalent. 89 min.
Six Dollars A Minute Sometimes even more. 88 min.
South Of Eden On a notorious topless beach resort, a "rat pack" of desolate young sophisticates explore every aspect of sexual pleasure and pain! UK/Spain co-production. Spanish tracks. R-80 min. NR-90 min.
Twelfth Night Based on the play of the same name with an erotic overview of the world - contemporary and erotic! R-84 min. NR-92 min.
Vices And Pleasures Lavish, voluptuous expose of Austrian playboy prince who debauched every alluring young aristocrat in the court of his father, Emperor Franz Joseph - the wild orgies of the Austrian aristocracy. Based on the true story of the mysterious deaths of the heir to an empire and his mistress. NR 119 min.
Young Lady Chatterly II The modern erotic classic - exquisitely filmed, tongue-in-cheek humor. Sybil Danning, Harlee McBride, Adam West and Brett Clark. Cynthia Chatterly is back. The best of all the Chatterly movies. A sensuous legend turned into a modern day classic. 1985-R-92 min.



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